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    Top 30 Items This Man Was Hiding In His Rectum

    Meet Neil Lansing, an inmate in Sarasota, Florida who was found to be hiding a condom containing 30 items inside his rectum. Here's a list of everything in his anal bindle. Exact brands are unknown, so the photos are embellishments.

    • Neil Lansing

    • 1. 17 Blue Pills

    • 2. 6 Matches

    • 3. A Cigarette

    • 4. A Flint

    • 5. An Empty Syringe (With A Pencil Eraser Covering The Needle)

    • 6. A Lip Balm Container

    • 7. Another Condom

    • 8. A Pharmacy Receipt

    • 9. A Coupon

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