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This Guy Made What Might Be The Coolest House On Earth

A 73-year-old man in the Czech Republic built this rising, rotating, subterranean home by hand. It's sort of a Robo-Hobbit house, located about 62 miles north-east or Prague. And it has a swimming pool.

1. This Is Bohumil Lhota, A 73-Year-Old Builder From The Czech Republic, Standing In Front Of His "Roundabout House."

2. The House Can Rise And Fall Like A Periscope At The Flip Of A Switch.

3. Lhota Began Building The Roundabout House In 1981, Mostly By Himself, And Is Still Not Done.

4. The Lower Level Is A Swimming Pool.

5. The Upper Level Is The Living Quarters.

6. The Upper Level Can Rotate 180 Degrees, But Manual Power Is Required For That Maneuver.

7. Lhota Said He Built The House Primarily Because He Got Bored With Building Normal Houses.

8. The Other Motivator Was Energy Efficiency. When The Home Is Completely Undergroud, It Maintains A Stable Temperature Year-Round.

9. Lhota Also Finds The House Very Relaxing, As It Has A Lovely View Of The Krkonose Mountains.