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The Top 21 Hillary Clinton Faces At The Benghazi Committee

And this is just from the first half...

1. The Hotline Bling

2. The Where The Hell Did I Leave My Keys?

3. The Before

4. The After

5. The Patty Cake

6. The Palpitation

7. The Shia LaBeouf Motivational Speaker

8. The Olan Mills Yearbook Photo

9. The Incompetent Ventriloquist

10. The Wistfully Remembering Chipotle For Lunch

11. The No Spoilers

12. The Drunkenly Singing "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" At Karaoke

13. The Hee Haw

14. The Full Gowdy

15. The Nuh Uh Mom Said I Could

16. The Bernie Sanders Iowa Poll Numbers Just Came In

17. The I See What You Did There

18. The Mm-hm Oh Please Do Go On About Sidney Blumenthal's Emails

19. The Hum A Few Bars

20. The Trump

21. The Dying A Thousand Silent Deaths Of Boredom From Watching The Benghazi Hearings