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The Top 146 Things This Man Smuggled Into Prison Up His Rectum

California convict Earl Lee Vogt is being charged with smuggling contraband into prison, contraband his jailers believe was "keystered." Vogt raised suspicions when he complained to guards that, "My ass is bleeding." Here are the keystered items which may have prompted such discomfort. While this is an impressive score, Vogt still trails this woman in the hotly contest sport of cavity smuggling.

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  • Earl Lee Vogt

  • A Kyocera Cell Phone

  • An MP3 Player

  • Earbuds

  • Marijuana

  • Tobacco

  • $140

    NOTE: Aside from the cell phone, the brands of the items were not announced and are speculative. The denominations of the $140 are also unknown. For the sake of this post (and to stuff the ballot box, so to speak), we counted it as 140 individual dollar bills.