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The Maurice Sendak Google Doodle Was Just The Best

The Google homepage turned into a heartfelt tribute to the late creator of Where the Wild Things Are. Today would have been Sendak's 85th birthday.

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1. If you went to the Google homepage today, you were greeted by Max from Where The Wild Things Are.

2. Which is cool enough, but when you clicked on the "Play" button, "cool enough" becomes "oh my god Google is alive and eating my computer from the inside and it's wonderful."

3. Max leaps into his bedroom, which quickly becomes the jungle from Where the Wild Things Are.

4. Speak of the devils.


6. Carol bids Max bon voyage.

7. Oh, cool, are we going to the island where AHHHH! WIPE!

8. And now we're in the world of In the Night Kitchen. That's Mickey flying the bread bomber, taking a dunk in the milk.

9. And the chubby, chasing chefs out to cook him.

10. The book was criticised for showing Mickey in the buff, frequently depcting his genitAHHHH! ANOTHER WIPE!

11. We're now in the realm of Bumble-Ardy, one of Sendak's final works.

12. The book follows the mischevious party planning of a playful pig by the name of Bumble-Ardy.

13. His kind of freaky masquerade is broken up by a porcine party pooper.

14. This dog smells bacon.

15. But a book about a birthday bash is a fitting end, as the Google Doodle reunites all of the previous players to wish Maurice Sendak a happy 85th.

16. Maurice Sendak passed away last year, but his works will live on and on and on.

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