People Were Really, Really Fascinated By Rand Paul's Hair During The GOP Debate

    "Never mind his policy positions on NSA data collection or America's use of force abroad," said most of the internet, "RAND PAUL'S HAIR LOOKS LIKE RAMEN."

    So the Republican presidential primary debate was last night.

    It was a spirited debate about the future of our country, an ideological battle between 10 men vying for the highest office in the land.

    One of those rhetorical gladiators was Kentucky senator Rand Paul.

    And the internet, in all its infinite wisdom, decided not to focus on Paul's evolving view on global terrorism...

    Or on his heated exchange with New Jersey governor Chris Christie over the NSA's metadata collection program...

    But rather honed in one very specific aspect of Paul's debate appearance.

    My dad on Rand Paul: oh he'll never win, he's got curly hair

    Rand Paul should go with the Vincent McMahon buzz cutt. This curly headed shit is wack

    Last night's debate showed the depth of curl hate in this country I KNEW it.

    But wait! There's more!


    This is just wrong lol the memes on #RandPaul hair #Republicandebate

    Trump jokes!

    Celebrity comparisons!

    Rand Paul before tonight's infamous hair makeover. #GOPDebate

    SNL pube parodies!


    Why does rand paul have early justin timberlake hair


    Vitamins and nutrients!

    Why does this look like Rand Paul's hair?


    Is Rand Paul really Tommy Carcetti from The Wire with Lyle Lovett's hair?

    But basically, ramen!

    That's funny how they let @RandPaul go the entire #Republicandebate without telling him someone dumped a pack of ramen noodles on his head.