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London Artist Skins And Crucifies A Dead Lamb

You know...for Easter. Here are behind the scenes photos from the workshop of artist and "amateur taxidermist" Charlie Tuesday Gates. This is her Easter project, "Like A Lamb To The Slaughter." WARNING: Graphic images.

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A freezer in artist and amateur taxidermist Charlie Tuesday Gates' workshop is full of lamb carcasses in London, April 9, 2012. She will use the skin of one lamb to create an Easter inspired artwork, referencing spring and the renewal of life. She has exhibited her work, DIY Taxidermy, at the Menier and Elevator Gallery, among others and performs live taxidermy shows.


The carcass of lamb that died of natural causes. According to Gates on her blog: "I spent 2 hours trying to crowbar something to do out the freezer the night before. I was trying to reach a hare (it being Easter and all) but the only thing that was budging was this lamb."

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