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I Got Pejazzled And Lived To Tell About It

In which we send a BuzzFeed editor (me) to get his junk waxed and adorned with rhinestones. For science.

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Hi, I'm Gavon, the BuzzFeed editor volunteering himself up for the process known as pejazzling. Pejazzling, for those who are unfamiliar, is a portmanteau of "penis" and "bedazzling." Basically, it's a beauty treatment where you get your privates waxed and the hair is replaced by sparkly things. It's the male version of vajazzling ("vagina" and "bedazzling," made famous by none other than Jennifer Love Hewitt).

I'm going to need that glass of wine.



The predetermined pejazzle patterns. It's not like a tattoo parlor where you can request your own design. Face to Face offers the above four. (Note that they're all technically for vajazzling. I sense an untapped market!)



With one swift motion, the wax is pulled off. It stings momentarily, but is never intolerable. Although it must be said that some areas involved in the "marble sac and shaft" are more sensitive than others.


The pejazzle is applied much like a temporary tattoo. Unfortunately, since my body is overheated (bright lights to accommodate the photography may have been the culprit — or I was just really nervous and sweating like I had malaria), the adhesive doesn't take on the first two attempts.



Enrique explains pejazzle maintenance. Proper care of your pejazzle includes: 1) Don't use a loofah or wash cloth for cleaning your pejazzle, as it might prematurely knock off the stones. Your hand and soap will work well enough. 2) Apply Neosporin to the waxed area for two days to prevent infection. 3) Your pejazzle will remain firmly affixed for up to a week, but you can safely pull the stones off with a little bit of effort at any time.


I feel like a new, fancier, textured man. The process wasn't painful in the least. Okay, it was painful in the least. But nothing a real, pejazzled man can't handle! Also, and this can't be emphasized enough, wine really does help.


22. Video Of The Pejazzling, If You Dare (Don't Worry, It's Not Graphic)

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Photos by Amy Sly.