• 1. Garlic

  • 2. Aloe

    The aloe is for lubricant, but some holistic medicine afficianados might enjoy the flavor.

  • 3. Coffee

  • 4. Durian

    A popular fruit in Southeast Asia, with a flavor described variously as “almonds, rotten onions, turpentine and gym socks.” (From Wikipedia)

  • 5. Menthol

    Primarily used for the tingling sensation, but Virginia Slims smokers are sure to luxuriate in the cool, refreshing flavor.

  • 6. Meron Juice

    Their spelling, not mine.

  • 7. Paan

    Paan is betel leaf with areca nut, apparently similar in flavor to tobacco.

  • 8. Ordinary

  • 9. Scotch

  • 10. Vegan Vanilla

    Condoms made with no animal byproducts, vanilla flavored.

  • 11. Bacon Lube

    The closest I could find to bacon flavored condoms.