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10 Healthy Foods That Are Gassy

No one is immune to gas. Even the healthiest of eaters can't escape it. Sure we all know that nachos and chili dogs give you gas, but there are some healthy options that can cause gas. Keep Gas-X handy for any situation.

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1. Beans

cookbookman17 / Via Flickr: cookbookman

Everyone knows the expression, "Beans, beans the magical fruit; the more you eat the more you toot." It's true. Beans are the original gassy food. They contain certain sugars which are part of the "flatulence factors." The sugar sits in your stomach, then when it reaches your intestines the bacteria go crazy and have a big ol' gas party.

2. Prunes

SummerTomato / Via Flickr: summertomato

Prunes have always been the go-to food for constipation, and here's a secret... they're really dried plums in disguise. These dried plums contain a sugar called sorbitol, which our large intestines struggle to break down effectively, resulting in... well, you know.

3. Oats

suavehouse113 / Via Flickr: suavehouse113

Anything containing oats is always a healthy option, as well as cholesterol-reducing. However, those foods are are also jam-packed with soluble fiber. Fiber is great for bowel movements, so it's no wonder that it creates so much gas. Soluble fiber tends to cause gas because it breaks down while in the large intestine where gas forms.

4. Brussels sprouts

mkosut / Via Flickr: mkosut

Brussels sprouts have always attracted a mixed crowd. People either love them or hate them. While the jury is out on that, one thing is for sure: they give you gas. The reason? Sprouts are hard to digest in your stomach and small intestine. Our bodies can't produce the enzymes needed to break down some of the chemical components in them.

5. Milk

_tar0_ / Via Flickr: _tar0_

If there were literally a land of "milk and honey," it would be a gassy one. Milk has always been a silent killer. Often your body is not breaking down the lactose and it sits in your system fermenting and causing gas. Next time you see the milk man... RUN! He might as well be called the gas man.

6. Onions

darwin Bell / Via

Onions wreak havoc on your body. They make you cry and toot! Crying and tooting at the same time is not a position you want to be in. The reason they give you gas is because onions are stocked with carbohydrates that our bodies struggle to break down, resulting in strange smells amidst the tears.

7. Cheese

P. B. Obregón / Via

"Who cut the cheese?" had to have come from somewhere. Maybe it's because cheese is an extremely gassy food. Cheese contains milk, which of course sits in your system and is hard to digest—not to mention that cheese can be extremely gassy if you are lactose intolerant.

8. Broccoli

Quadell / Via

Broccoli might look all cute and innocent, but looks are deceiving. Broccoli is jam-packed with fiber, which can be hard to digest at times. The little green devil contains an ingredient called raffinose. Raffinose can be hard to digest because it can't be broken down by the small intestine. Broccoli also contains sulfur which amps up the stink factor.

9. Peaches

Jack Dykinga / Via

Peaches are commonly used as a laxative, so it's no surprise that they should cause gas. Peaches have sorbitol—which is a sugar that the body metabolizes very slowly—and, often, they draw water into the large intestine and cause a great deal of gas.

10. Carbonated fruit drinks


Carbonated fruit drinks might be a healthy alternative to soda, but they cause a ton of gas. This is because the carbonation is just gas itself. Fructose is another leading factor in gas that's often difficult to digest and results in tooting.