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19 Things You'll Only Know If You're ALWAYS Running Late

"Calm down, I'll be there in five minutes!"

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11. It's also not your fault if some little old lady with a cute dog walks past you on your way to the bus, and you just have to stop to compliment her pup.

12. All of your friends already know that they have to tell you to be somewhere a full two hours before they actually plan on meeting up.

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Because then they know that you'll actually get there on time (hopefully). Hey, at least that way you avoid their major side eye and unnecessary comments.


16. After all, a little white lie never hurt anyone, right?

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"I left on time... it's just that I was on the bus when a tree fell into the middle of the street because it was raining and lightning struck it. (By the way, the tree was *this* close to falling on the bus — I'm lucky I'm alive!) So anyway, I got off the bus and decided to walk the rest of the way, but the road was closed off! Can you believe that??"


This post was translated from Portuguese.