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19 Embarrassing Moments That Make You Question Your Will To Live

You pray to god that nobody saw, but even if they didn't, it doesn't lessen the burning sensation of shame that fills your soul.

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3. When you've tossed something in the trash and then notice that there's no lining in the bin.

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Bonus points if what you threw out was smothered in sauce or similarly splatter-prone ingredients.


5. When you see your train pulling into the station and you run like hell so you don't have to wait the extra five minutes for the next one.

You make it onto the train and even though you're heaving and gasping for air on the inside, you play it cool and act like you had just sauntered in. And the other passengers, bless their souls, also pretend they didn't see you running like a total dork. Thank you, strangers. <3

6. Or when you run like hell to make the train only to end up with half your body actually inside the train and the other half helplessly flailing about on the platform.


13. Spilling something on your pants and then having to pass by other people.


"They all think I peed myself. I can never be seen in public again. RIP social life. We had a good run, but now I've gone and ruined it all."


17. Casually saying "love you" after placing your order with the Chinese takeout place.


"That'll be $8.60. Give us about 15 minutes."

"Great! See you soon. Love you."

Raise your hand if you've ever done this at the end of a first date. Farewell all hopes of having a second date...

18. Nearly stepping onto the up escalator to go down.


It's okay if nobody was actually on the escalator, but if someone was coming up — and especially if they were almost at the top — you feel the wave of shame come over you like a river. *avoids eye contact and scurries away as quickly as possible.*

This post was translated from Portuguese.


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