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16 Things Only Average-Looking People Will Understand

Living that fabulously average life <3

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5. Actually, genetics sort of blessed you. You could have been so attractive that everyone would be jealous of you or so unattractive that everyone would mock you, but instead you live in that wonderful middle ground.

7. But you better not look at that one selfie for too long, otherwise you'll find some tiny flaw and have to start all over again.

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Post it and forget about it! Bless the world with that selfie and wait for those likes to pour in.

8. Whenever someone compliments you, you feel like an absolute rockstar.


But then you see them complimenting a complete train wreck and all your joy turns to sorrow.

"Jeez, I couldn't even have five minutes of bliss, thinking I was a 10 instead of a 5?? It's a cruel, cruel world."


10. On the plus side, not caring too much about your looks gives you the opportunity to cultivate other aspects of yourself, like your stellar personality.

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You're friendly and have a positive outlook on life, and that is freaking awesome. Go you!


16. But TBH, the greatest part of all this is your killer versatility.


You can go from goofy to stunning in 0.5 second (well, maybe a bit more than that).

So revel in your beautiful averageness — it made you into the fabulous human being you are today <3

This post was translated from Portuguese.