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  • Jim Irsay’s Tweets and the Trent Richardson Trade

    Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is a shrewd but baffling man. He’s certainly one of, if not the most interesting professional sports team owner to follow on Twitter, but he also understands the value of letting his staff do their work. With a few exceptions (*cough*Bill Polian*cough*) he’s done a good job of giving the team just what it needs to achieve success. His excitement and love for the game matches that of his fans. Frustratingly, he has a tendency of getting a bit too excited. Not today.

  • 10 Things You Should Never Say To Someone From Austin

    Austin Texas is a city known for live music, breakfast tacos and (among other things) Sixth Street. But we’re also a bunch of people with discerning tastes and an overabundance of eagerness to remind you of our discerning taste. By the end of this gif compendium, you will know exactly how discerning.

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