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31 (Mostly Stock) Photos Of Scared People

Are you scared yet? You will be.

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1. Young man scared over light blue gradient background

2. Scared man fearing the worst

3. Young woman with long hair laying in bed

4. Businessman getting stuck in elevator doors

5. Body parts pushing through spandex

6. Driver

7. Cowering businessman

8. Whose hands are those?!

Ricardo Alguacil / Via Flickr: 30812694@N03

9. You go girl!

Barney Moss / Via Flickr: 49734171@N00

10. Fearful boy hiding under the bed

11. Businessman with his mouth open and hands to head

12. Where did those goddamn hands come from?!

Ardinnnn :) / Via Flickr: 57102719@N07

13. Scared woman with tiny feet bites fingers

14. He has no eyes! NO EYES!

Alfred Eisenstaedt / Via

15. Businessman loses his mind

16. Scared little boy


17. Scared woman defending herself, isolated on white background (also, JAZZHANDS)


18. Blonde girl scared to death of the dentist


19. A man is scared or surprised of something

20. Really scared woman covering her ears with her hands (aka The Spiraling Shape Will Make You Go Insane)

21. A woman looks scared to death as if she is screaming for help

22. Scared naked man with gas mask

23. Scared baby against crazy mother

24. Scared goofy business person expressing fear

25. Scared man with 3D glasses

26. A businessman about to be stepped on by a giant foot, isolated on a white background

27. Surprised clown over a black background

28. A young woman is struggling to get free from an apartment building wall she is stuck in

29. Man contemplates filling in mammoth ballot paper

30. Scared businessman #1,408

31. 'Fear' from 'The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals' London 1872. Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

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