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16 Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Scotland

Scotland: where the urbex is a little less urban.

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Vitaly S Alexius / Via

2. Whitrope Tunnel, near Hawick

Alistair Buchanan / Via Flickr: 1bigworld

3. Fort William

David Brossard / Via Flickr: string_bass_dave

4. Barnton Quarry nuclear bunker

Ben Cooper / Via Flickr: cycleologist

5. Loch Slapin, Isle of Skye

David Laurie / Via Flickr: g88ber

6. Near Monikie, Angus

David Urquhart / Via Flickr: daveeu


LulaTaHula / Via Flickr: lulatahula

8. Near Sligachan, Isle of Skye

Ben Atherton / Via Flickr: benatherton

9. Hungary House, Gosford

The Doofers / Via Flickr: thedoofers

10. St Peter's Seminary, Cardross

Ross Little / Via Flickr: rosslittle

11. Dava Moor

Thomas Salway / Via Flickr: tsalway

12. Ayr

Graeme Law / Via Flickr: _____graeme

13. Lanarkshire

Merc V / Via Flickr: 120082695@N07

14. Hyndshaw Farm, near Bogside

15. Glasgow

Stewart Priest / Via Flickr: smileystew


Alison Hepburn / Via Flickr: 115085184@N05

For more amazing photos, head over to Abandoned Scotland on Flickr

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