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    10 Apps Every NYC Intern Needs

    Stop being an intern and start being a New Yorker. Here are the daily essentials for every college kid in the big city. Lost? Hungry? Lonely? Busy? Sober? Don't worry kids there's an app for that.

    1. Hopstop (Master The Subway)

    Welcome to the Big Apple! Where drinks are $18 and the subway system looks like the Candy Land Board Game. It's a big big city out there but don't be overwhelmed, Hopstop can help you navigate it. Type in where you're going and it instantly gives you the different methods for getting there, complete with subway routes, costs, and times. Say goodbye to Apple Maps, and say hello to smooth sailing.

    2. Seamless (Get Food Fast)

    In case your college day care- internship hasn't introduced you to Seamless yet, this is the best delivery service in the city. No ordering fees, no lines, no hassle. Just food delivered to you fast. It even includes the menus, expected delivery time, order tracking, and exclusive discounts/deals. After all, this is the city of convenience.

    3. Google Shopping Express (Tech Savvy Shopping)

    Speaking of convenience... been here for weeks and still don't have a towel? Google Shopping Express let's you shop for whatever you need from Target, Costco, Walgreens, and other fine retailers then delivers it to your apartment for FREE with the 6 month free trial. You can even set up a specific time window to make sure someone is there to receive it for you. Who has time to grocery shop anyways? Download it here and quit air-drying.

    4. Drizly (Alcohol Delivery)

    Food and toiletries aren't the only thing you can get delivered, though. Pick out whatever booze you need and Drizly will have it delivered to you in 20-40 minutes. Albeit, the prices are a little high, but - newsflash - so is everything else in this city. Plus, pregaming is the best way to save money on all of those expensive drinks at the bar. Party on, my friends.

    5. Tinder (Get Your Game On)

    So now that you've got your shopping list taken care of it's time to make some new friends. You've probably heard of this one already, but try giving it a go outside of your college town. In case you haven't noticed, the people here are hot…and Tinder can help you find someone special. Swipe right if you'd hit on them at a bar, swipe left if you'd tell them to get lost. If both of you like what you see, you can start chatting and... you know...

    6. Grouper (Three's A Party)

    Online dating make you a little nervous? That's okay, Grouper can set you up with a 3 on 3 date at a venue they recommend. It's less awkward because you get to choose two wingmen and they even set up a reservation for your group at local hot spots. Perfect for meeting other interns and for getting to know some of the coolest spots in the city.

    7. Venmo (Pay With Confidence)

    Don't embarrass yourself at that trendy new restaurant by asking if they can split the check. Nothing screams I'm an unpaid intern more. Use Venmo to easily send money to your partners in crime. It's free, it hooks up with your debit card or bank account, and you can cash out overnight. Cha Ching.

    8. Tag (Meet Up and Get Down)

    Finally, you've got some solid friends to hang out with, but how do you find them next time you wanna meet up? In one easy click Tag allows you to send a picture/video + geolocation to specific friends or lists of friends so you can say what's up and get directions. This is hands down the best way to meet up with all those new friends you are making, especially if you don't know your way around. Think snapchat but actually useful. And did we mention it's free?

    9. Yplan (Find The Party)

    When you go out in New York you'll never know where the night will take you. But Yplan might give you some ideas. It's the easiest way to find out about cool events, shows, and concerts and you can buy your tickets right then and there. You can also browse by date and map if you're looking for something specific. Discover the awesomeness around you.

    10. Uber (Ride In Style)

    After all that drinking and socializing it's finally time to head home. You've mastered the subway with Hopstop, but now it's time to ride in style. Uber allows you to hail a private driver, whether that's in a taxi, black car, or SUV. It's hooked up directly with your credit card so you don't have to deal with swiping or paying in cash, and tip is already included. Fancy.

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