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The Alphabet According To Dancers

And 5, 6, 7, 8!

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E is for Extensions

Extensions [noun]: A body position in which one leg is lifted to the front, side, or back, while the other remains planted on the floor.

H is for Hairspray.


Hairspray [noun]:1. A liquid solution generally from an aerosol container that is used to hold hair in place.

2. A necessity.


J is for Jeté.

Jeté [verb]: To jump from one foot to the other while gliding through the air.


M is for Muscle.

Muscle [noun]: The physical power or strength that is used to produce movement or hold body positions.

P is for Pointed Toes.

Pointed Toes [noun]: The way to hold your feet unless you want to give your teacher an aneurysm.


V is for Vacation.

Vacation​ [noun]: 1. An extended period of recreation.

2. What you don't get as a dancer.


Y is for Years.

Years [noun]: The length of time you've been proud to call yourself a dancer.

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