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    17 Hilarious Reasons Frankie Bergstein Is Your Fictional Twin

    "You can't see me, you can't stop me"

    1. She truly understands your Internet addiction:

    2. And proves that self-control isn't necessary:


    3. Her collection of vintage tees is quite impressive:


    4. She asks some seriously hard-hitting questions:


    5. Her self-confidence is through the roof:

    6. Even when she literally has no idea what she's doing:

    7. She is relatable AF:


    8. And she says exactly what's on her mind:

    9. She's even a bit philosophical:


    10. She enjoys life's simple pleasures:


    11. And she's just the right amount of lazy:

    12. She makes swearing fun:

    13. And she isn't afraid to stick it to the man:

    14. She has her priorities in order:

    15. She's altruistic:

    Netflix / Via

    16. She always looks at the bright side:

    17. And she has an incredible way with words:


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