13 Things Only Lactose Intolerant People Will Understand

This is going to be legen — wait for it — dairy.

1. Literally everything has dairy in it. EVERYTHING.

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Nothing is safe.

2. So you have to order almost everything plain, just to be safe.




3. Which makes you worry that waiters hate you with a burning passion.


4. You always have dairy pills within reach. Because if you don’t have them, things could get dangerous.


5. You can’t enjoy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s without feeling extremely guilty.

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Or pizza, mac ‘n’ cheese, cheeseburgers, or basically anything.

6. And yet it always seems like pizza, mac ‘n’ cheese, and ice cream are tempting you.



How dare they?

7. “Dairy-free” substitutes tend to be gross or tasteless.


“Dairy Dream,” more like downright lie.

8. And it doesn’t help that they cost you an arm and a leg.


9. Which leaves you constantly choosing between something tasteless that’s “lactose free,” or being painfully gassy afterwards.

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Pick your poison.

10. And most times, you choose “painfully gassy,” and regret it IMMEDIATELY.

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11. When you meet another lactose intolerant, you become blood brothers — because you both understand how difficult life can truly be.

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12. But the worst is that moment of fear when your stomach starts to hurt even the slightest.

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13. Because that sudden, inhumane stomach rumbling only means one thing.

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SOS = Save Our Stomachs

Good luck, dairy-free friends.

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