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8 Most Satisfying Food Moments

The creamiest, crunchiest, crackliest, and crave-worthiest

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Food isn't always about eating, it's about craving right before we cave.

Here are some gourmet moments that you might have relished before your first bite:

1. Finding the biggest chip in the bag

2. Molten cheese between two halves of grilled cheese

3. Peeling a clementine in one peel

4. Cracking the sugar crust on a creme brulee

5. The first scoop of ice cream

6. Perfectly toasting a marshmallow (unless burnt is your thing)


7. Whipped cream surging from the nozzle

Via Giphy,com

8. Achieving optimal grill marks


I may have missed your unique food porn moment (for example, my old roommate obsessively nibbled on strands of raw, dried angel hair pasta because he liked the snappy crunch...I couldn't find a GIF for that one). Nevertheless, if the above gourmet GIFS make you crave the real thing, then get out there and get your grub on!

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