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How A Blogger Went From Being Fat Shamed To Landing A Book Deal--In Less Than One Year

See how writer Galit Breen took lemons--being called fat in the Huffington Post comment section--and made lemonade--landed a book deal. Boom.

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5. One hour after the Today Show segment aired, the Entertainment Producer at Inside Edition messaged Galit to ask if she and her husband Jason would like to tell their story on their show. (She said yes.)

6. After the segment aired, Galit knew that standing up to her cyberbullies was the right thing to do. She wanted to do more, but she didn't know what. Until, that is, her tweens began asking to post, pin, tweet, and share photos online.

7. When Galit took a look at social media as a mom, she immediately saw that there's a ridiculous amount of kindness terrain to teach and explain to kids―and some adults―before letting them loose online.

10. You can pre-order Kindness Wins right now.

Via Galit Breen

It's on pre-SALE for the kindle until April 7th when it'll be available in print and on all the digital things. If the kindle isn't your thing (Hey, no sweat. We get that) we have a FREE kindle app you can download right here. You're welcome.

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