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    16 Striking Photos Of Women And The Guns They Carry

    Photographer Shelley Calton documents the personal lives of those women who choose to bear arms in the Lone Star State.

    Shelley Calton's photo series Concealed reveals a personal perspective into the lives of women who choose to arm themselves according to Texas state laws.

    Shelley writes, "Growing up in Houston was synonymous with an induction into gun culture. My father always kept a pistol in his nightstand for protection."

    "He taught me and my two sisters to shoot at an early age."

    She goes on, "I remember going out to the country to shoot tin can targets. This was a regular part of growing up in my household."

    Shelley's personal relationship to gun culture inspired the photographer to a capture a sympathetic perspective into the lives of women who exercise their right to bear arms.

    Most of these women have chosen to arm themselves to protect both their family's lives and property.

    Some conceal their weapons on their bodies, while others keep them hidden within their vehicles or bedside tables.

    Shelley says that while owning or carrying a gun is not always kept secret, these women seldom boast about it.

    Their concealments are generally unassuming and sometimes very unexpected.

    Shelley ends her series with a thought-provoking question:

    "Are these women really prepared to kill someone to protect themselves, their loved ones or their property?"

    "The answer from the women in this collection of portraits is a resounding yes."

    Shelley Calton is a photographer based in Houston, Texas. To view more of her work, check out her website at