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Posted on Mar 16, 2016

This Austin Food Quiz Will Show If You’re A Real Austinite

Keep Austin Weird!

  1. Which South Congress Cafe is "sorry" to be open?

    Flickr: mirsasha
  2. What is this sinfully delicious Gourdough's donut called?

    Flickr: wallyg
  3. Where can you get a late-night bratwurst fix on 6th?

    Flickr: u-suke
  4. Which South Congress pizza spot has this sign out front?

    Flickr: eldave
  5. What is this EPIC breakfast taco from Juan In A Million called?
  6. What food truck offers delicious Asian street food in the back patio of Liberty Bar?
  7. Which cookie shop was started in 1999 by two University of Texas sophomores?

    Flickr: theaustinot
  8. Which Austin cinema offers movie-themed dishes and drinks?
  9. Which iconic burger joint has been an Austin staple since 1973?
  10. Which German beer garden and restaurant is the oldest operating business in all of Texas?

    Flickr: kt
  11. What Tex-Mex restaurant offers this breathtaking view of Lake Travis?

    Flickr: danielhorande
  12. Which Austin-born grocery will you find in this refrigerated "Beer Alley"?

    Flickr: markcph
  13. What BBQ joint is known for running out of meat around 2pm?

    Flickr: a_vandalay

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