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The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade In The ’90s Was Pure Perfection

Pure. Deflated. Perfection.

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Universal Pictures' "Babe" balloon makes its way down Broadway in 1998. That year, high winds prevented several of the balloons from participating under new safety rules implemented after a spectator was struck and injured by a lamppost the previous year (left). Nickelodeon's Rugrats balloon makes its way down Broadway shortly after, followed by Cartoon Network's Dexter balloon (right).


"Izzy", the mascot for the 1996 Summer Olympics, makes his first appearance in the 67th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in 1993 (left). A helium-filled balloon of Disney's Goofy makes its way down Broadway in 1992 (right).

Stan Honda / AFP / Getty Images

The balloon of the cartoon characters Rocky and Bullwinkle floats down Broadway followed by marching bands and other balloons during the 70th anniversary of the parade in 1996.

Bart Simpson makes his debut on his skateboard in the 64th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade down Broadway in New York City, Thursday, Nov. 22, 1990 (left). An inflatable Garfield floats along the parade route in 1996 (right).


Bart Simpson is carefully handled as the helium balloon splits a seam during the 67th annual parade in 1993. Several balloons had problems that year as a result of the windy weather and chilly conditions.

Millenium Snoopy moves into Times Square behind Cloe the Clown and the Macy's Star Balloon in November 1999 (left). Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade watchers hide under umbrellas as the Rugrats balloon moves through Times Square shortly after.


The Barney float makes it's way down the parade route in 1998, despite wind gusts to around 30 mph that year (left). The Rex balloon displays a droopy face after the helium-oxygen filled balloon popped during the 1993 parade (right).

Bebeto Matthews / Associated Press

Children can't seem to control their enthusiasm as the Spider-Man balloon makes its way down Broadway in 1995. These three girls got the opportunity to see the parade in person after winning their age group in a beauty pageant.