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28 Amazing Pictures From The Golden Age Of Airlines

People didn't always travel in sweatpants.

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Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

Three flight attendants who served first lady Jacqueline Kennedy during her flight from Italy to India and Pakistan pose for a photo in Rome's airport.

Mirrorpix / Getty Images

Air Canada, in its efforts to attract more passengers, installed a dance floor and music for passengers who wanted to dance at 30,000 feet on their way across the Atlantic in 1972.

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Left: A pair of flight attendants from Russia's Aeroflot airline pose for a photo, 1966. Right: Staff prepare meals in the kitchen aboard an Tu-114 airliner (at the time, the world's largest), 1959.

Dmitri Kessel / Getty Images

An exterior night view of the Pan Am Terminal at Idlewild Airport, later renamed John F. Kennedy Airport, in New York City in 1961 features a series of figures mounted on a glass wall (seen at right), collectively called Zodiac Screen and sculpted by Milton Hebald. Tippetts-Abbett-McCarthy-Stratton designed the terminal in 1957.

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