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    The 25 Most Powerful Women In The World

    Kickin' ass and taking names.

    This week, Forbes named the 2015 Most Powerful Women in the World, which spans a wide array of entrepreneurs, CEOS, celebrities, activists, heads of state, and philanthropists.

    Here are the top 25:

    1. Angela Merkel β€” Chancellor, Germany

    Sean Gallup / Getty Images

    2. Hillary Clinton β€” Presidential candidate, United States

    Win Mcnamee / Getty Images

    3. Melinda Gates β€” Co-chair and trustee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, United States

    Mario Tama / Getty Images

    4. Janet Yellen β€” Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank, United States

    Alex Wong / Getty Images

    5. Mary Barra β€” CEO of General Motors, United States

    Bill Pugliano / Getty Images

    6. Christine Lagarde β€” Managing director of the International Monetary Fund, France

    Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

    7. Dilma Rousseff β€” President, Brazil

    Handout / Getty Images

    8. Sheryl Sandberg β€” COO of Facebook, United States

    Lucas Jackson / Reuters

    9. Susan Wojcicki β€” CEO of Youtube, United States

    Kimberly White / Getty Images for Vanity Fair

    10. Michelle Obama β€” First Lady, United States

    Jewel Samad / Getty Images

    11. Park Geun-Hye β€” President, South Korea

    Pool / Getty Images

    12. Oprah Winfrey β€” Media mogul, United States

    Stephane De Sakutin / AFP / Getty Images

    13. Virginia Rometty β€” CEO of IBM, United States

    Kazuhiro Nogi / Getty Images

    14. Meg Whitman β€” CEO of Hewlett-Packard, United States

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    15. Indra Nooyi β€” CEO of PepsiCo, United States

    Pierre Verdy / AFP / Getty Images

    16. Cristina Kirchner β€” President, Argentina

    Jacques Demarthon / AFP / Getty Images

    17. Irene Rosenfeld β€” CEO of Mondelez, United States

    Mario Tama / Getty Images

    18. Ana Patricia Botin β€” Chair of Banco Santander, Spain

    Alvaro Barrientos / AP

    19. Abigail Johnson β€” CEO of Fidelity Investments, United States

    Brian Snyder / Reuters

    20. Marillyn Hewson β€” Chair, president, and CEO of Lockheed Martin, United States

    Carl Court / Getty Images

    21. BeyoncΓ© Knowles β€” Entertainer and entrepreneur, United States

    Joe Klamar / AFP / Getty Images

    22. Marissa Mayer β€” CEO of Yahoo, United States

    Mario Tama / Getty Images

    23. Helen Clark β€” Head of the United Nations Development Programme, New Zealand

    Eitan Abramovich / Getty Images

    24. Safra Catz β€” Co-CEO of Oracle, United States

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    25. Angela Ahrendts β€” Senior Vice President of Apple, United States

    Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images

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