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    12 Sobering Resolutions From A War Zone

    Photographers Álvaro Laiz and David Rengel ask a simple question: "What are your future plans?" The answers are sobering and tragic.

    In Álvaro Laiz and David Rengel's photo series, "Future Plans", they have asked those directly affected by the conflict in northern Uganda for their goals in moving forward with their lives.

    The war in northern Uganda began in 1986 and has been marked by the LRA's well-documented brutality against civilians, including the seizure of children to be used as fighters and sex slaves, and the widespread use of mutilation.

    1. I would like a good house on my own land.

    2. To obtain counseling and guidance.

    3. The chance for my child to study.

    4. To provide decent medical care and food for my children.

    5. To have skills training and be self reliable.

    6. The be able to afford basic needs.

    7. To build my own house on my own land.

    8. To take care of my grandchildren with education and land.

    9. To establish my own tailoring workshop.

    10. I would like to continue vocational education.

    11. I would like to go back to school and to have my children attend too.

    12. I want to help the people in my community.

    Álvaro Laiz and David Rengel are documentary photographers. To view more of their work, see their websites at and