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Proof That Animal Lovers In The 1920s Were Totally Insane

A lot has changed since the '20s... Or has it?

1. It was a time when pet geese needed spectacles.

2. Owners let their dogs take the wheel.

3. ...and their cats too.

4. Playtime meant unwinding with a nice smoke and your favorite record.

5. While cats enjoyed the smooth sounds of jazz standards.

6. Alligators made for great pets.

7. Which were second only to pet elephants...

8. ...who were also apparently great drivers.

9. Dogs were even trained to read minds.

10. And to be excellent boxers in the ring.

11. It totally wasn't weird to see someone milking their pet cow at the train station.

12. Or to see a sailor feeding his pet monkey.

13. Or to hear a pet chimpanzee on the other line of the phone.

14. It was a time when pets had their own ambulance service in case of emergencies.

15. Which was much appreciated by the community.

16. Pet cheetahs made great companions for summer strolls in the city.

17. And were often a huge hit with the neighborhood kids.

18. Dogs were expert stylists to the stars of the 1920s.

19. And were trained to be fantastic dancers.

20. Most pets would gladly lend a helping hand (or wing) to charity.

21. Teatime with the pet lion and lamb was a daily occurrence.

22. But a nice walk in the park is something that never changes.