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    17 Extreme Close-Ups That Will Freak You The Fuck Out

    All you have to do is look closely!

    1. This extreme close-up of a human iris.

    2. The intricate symmetry of a single, isolated snowflake.

    3. These seemingly infinite fractal spirals on romanesco broccoli.

    4. Each delicate seed of a single dandelion.

    5. The facial expression on a common house fly.

    6. The hypnotic patterns that make up a sunflower's center.

    7. The alien-like pupils of a cat's eye.

    8. This close-up on the ridges and grooves of a human fingerprint.

    9. The fluffy textures on a single Corn Flake.

    10. This extreme close-up on the seeds of a strawberry's surface.

    11. The very end of a single strand of uncooked spaghetti.

    12. A chance to look deep into all eight of a common house spider's eyes.

    13. Or all 30,000 facets of a drangonfly's eyes.

    14. The inky red tip of a ballpoint pen.

    15. A teabag's porous surface of intertwined fibers.

    16. Each individual page of a closed book.

    17. And a mosquito doing what mosquitos do best.