Photo Series Asks: What's In Your Bag?

Photographer Jason Travis invites strangers to empty their bags and share the things they carry with them every day.

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Atlanta-based photographer Jason Travis' ongoing project "Persona," asks strangers to empty their bags and share with the camera what they carry daily.

Several years ago, Jason wanted to catch up with old friends and hoped to further connect with new ones, which sparked the idea for "Persona." Since then, Jason has traveled across America to meet hundreds of strangers and photograph their bags, revealing the things we all have in common and the things that make us unique.

For 'Persona,' I simply wanted to tell a personal story with photographs. I was always curious what people carried with them, and then I just started asking people to empty their bags. The idea is in the name; I wanted to show how we use our possessions to define ourselves, to create our personas. The things don't make the person, they're manifestations of the self.

Jason Travis is a photographer based in Atlanta, GA. To view more of his work, check out his website at