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16 Freerunning Fails That Hurt Just To Watch

Yeah, that's definitely gonna hurt in the morning.

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1. This guy and his unfortunate encounter with a kiddie slide.

2. This kid who will definitely be feeling this in the morning.

3. This unfortunate child who picked the worst day ever to picnic.

4. This poor fella who really needs to work on his landing.

5. This sad Spiderman who seems to have lost his spidey-senses.

6. This cheeky fellow who just barely missed his bus.

7. This guy who's never allowed to enter a Starbucks again.

8. This guy who at least tried... sort of.

9. This dude who's in desperate need of a dentist after this.

10. And this kid who's really in need of a new hobby.

It's just not working for ya buddy. Sorry.

11. This recipient of the worst splinter in history.

12. This sad attempt at being a ninja.

13. This poor kid who only takes the elevator now.

14. This guy and his remarkable disappearing act.

How does he do it!?

15. This amateur gymnast who's in the market for a good chiropractor.

16. And this guy who really thought he was a bird (he's actually a fish.)

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