16 Abandoned Places That Show What Life Will Be Like After Humans

    "Every inhabitant of this planet must contemplate the day when this planet may no longer be habitable." —John F. Kennedy

    Nikon teamed up with urban explorer David de Rueda for a remarkable 44-day journey, spanning nine countries and some of the most secluded and mysterious abandoned locations in Europe.

    Here, in his own words and images, is a breathtaking glimpse into what life will be like after humanity...

    1. Abandoned radar station in the mountains of Italy

    2. Inside the cooling tower of an abandoned nuclear power plant

    3. An abandoned space program

    4. Amusement park after the nuclear fallout

    5. Inside an abandoned hospital

    6. Visiting the hospital's waiting room

    7. What was once a concert hall

    8. A forgotten aircraft

    9. The train graveyard of Budapest

    10. Entering an abandoned power plant in Hungary

    11. Once inside the power plant

    12. What was once a café before the nuclear fallout

    13. A disused experimental power facility

    14. A forgotten 19th-century factory

    15. Ghost town at dawn

    16. Monuments of past empires

    To view more of David's photographs, be sure to check out his website at davidderueda.com