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A Rough And Gritty Look Into North Dakota's Oil Boom

In North Dakota, oil is king. Photographer John Mireles reveals the dangers and triumphs of working the Bakken Oil Fields in North Dakota.

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In his stunning photo series, Bakken Oil Fields, John Mireles reveals an up close and personal view of the workers whose difficult job is drilling for oil in North Dakota's Bakken Oil Fields.

John writes, "To me, the Bakken represents the last stand of the American dream. It’s a tough environment, the work’s hard and the place is lonely. But a man can make a good living by virtue of his honest efforts."

"No degree nor training is necessary. There’s no resumes, emails nor networking to do. It’s just show up ready to work and you’ve got a job. Once you get good at what you do and get to know a few people, a better job awaits."

"Everyone wants a chance to succeed. The Bakken, more than any other place in America, offers that chance."

John Mireles is a commercial and editorial photographer based in California. To view more of his work, check out his website at

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