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Here's How To Step Up Your Selfie Game By Thinking Creatively

Artist Marianna Jamadi explains how multiple exposures can create mesmerizing pictures.

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Marianna Jamadi is a Los Angeles based photographer whose pictures poetically capture the stories of her travels, friends, and family.

Marianna Jamadi / Via

She was recently awarded the VSCO Artist Grant as an opportunity to explore her creativity in picture making.

Using only an iPhone 6s Plus and the VSCO + FUSED apps, Marianna was able to create mesmerizing double exposures that burst with color and form.

Marianna spoke with BuzzFeed about how this project developed her:

"Much of my work is shot on a DSLR and then edited on my computer. But I wanted the challenge and convenience of producing work on a mobile device...

In terms of subject matter, I am constantly exploring and questioning myself through art and this was another opportunity to dig deep and create something that was complex yet relatable."

Marianna Jamadi / Via

"This is my way of validating and acknowledging the pieces of me that are so vital to the core of my character. An exploration of the individual and the collective—I believe we are the whole of our parts."

"As I began the creative process and sifted through the things that inspire me and move me, I wanted to creatively validate all the pieces of me. I realized that I, just as we all are, make up a collective."

Marianna Jamadi / Via

"Every person and every place has a story. It’s through other people’s stories that we find our own. We are all pieces of each other, layers of beauty and pain that make up perfectly imperfect humans."

Marianna Jamadi / Via

Apps you'll need: VSCOcam + FUSED

1. Determine your subject matter.

Marianna says, "Compose and shoot with composition in mind. Know that cropping compromises file size so try to compose a shot that would require minimal cropping."

2. Once you have two or multiple images you want to layer, import them into VSCOcam.

"Make your selected edits by taking advantage of the presets and editing tools. Export them at the largest file size option to your camera roll."

3. Open the FUSED app. Follow the directions on the screen and select a background and foreground image from your camera roll.

"Through the app you have options of different types of layering and editing techniques. Once you are happy with your result, you can save the image which will automatically be exported into your library with other sharing options available."

Marianna Jamadi / Via

To see more of Marianna's work, check out her website at

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