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    23 Art World Instagrams That Every Art Lover Should Be Following

    Art lovers of the world unite!

    1. Dia Art Foundation

    Dia Art Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports, shares, and helps to preserve important art projects. Between its amazing archive of works from the 1960s and 1970s on view at Dia:Beacon in the Hudson Valley and their celebrated site-specific installations throughout the United States, this Instagram is totally a must-follow.

    2. Museum of Selfies

    Art selfies are here to stay. Olivia Muus, a designer and marketer based in Denmark, reimagines art history through the lens of the selfie in this playful and lighthearted Instagram.

    3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Photo Studio

    Did you know that the Met has a fully capable photo staff? Well, they do! And their Instagram account is awesome! It highlights the museum's wonderful archive and gives a behind-the-scenes look at the collections.

    4. National Museum of African Art

    The National Museum of African Art is located in Washington, D.C., and was America's first museum entirely dedicated to modern and contemporary African art. Today, it's joined forces with the Smithsonian Institution to promote cross-cultural understanding.

    5. Jerry Saltz

    Jerry Saltz is the outspoken senior art critic for New York magazine. Love him or hate him, his Instagram is a celebration of anything and everything art-related.

    6. Hyperallergic

    Hyperallergic is an online art forum that's "sensitive to art & its discontents." And its Instagram is too!

    7. Asian Art Museum

    San Francisco's Asian Art Museum houses a spectacular collection that celebrates the diversity of Asian art and cultures. Its Instagram account shares works from these collections as well as pictures from some of its awesome and educational happenings.

    8. Musée du Louvre

    The Louvre is one of the largest and most renowned cultural institutions in the world. Their Instagram is pretty good too.

    9. Storm King Art Center

    There are plenty of reasons why you should follow the Storm King Art Center Instagram. Between the breathtaking views of the Hudson Valley and its serious collection of more than 100 works on view, this outdoor sculpture park has its Instagram game on point.

    10. The Museum of Modern Art

    Its Instagram bio reads: "MoMA fuels creativity, ignites minds, and provides inspiration. We hope these images do too." They do, MoMA, they do...

    11. Tokyo Art Beat

    Tokyo Art Beat is exactly what its name describes. Its Instagram keeps a finger on the pulse of everything art-related in Tokyo. ありがとう!

    12. Artforum

    Artforum's Instagram account is a constant flow of art at your fingertips. If it's relevant and related to the arts, you can bet that you'll see it on this feed.

    13. BuzzFeed Photo

    Our BuzzFeed Photo Instagram focuses on sharing photo projects by artists, professionals, and our very own BuzzFeed staff! Be it humor, truth, or beauty, this Instagram embraces everything that a photo is capable of on today's internet.

    14. Museum of Islamic Art

    Located in the warm and sunny Qatari capital of Doha, the Museum of Islamic Art holds a collection that spans three continents and over 1,400 years. Its Instagram shares many of these beautiful works and shows a behind-the-scenes look at its events and archives.

    15. The Tate

    The Tate galleries hold the United Kingdom's national collection of British art, and international modern and contemporary art. Its Instagram is a bright and colorful representation of one of the most important art collections in the world.

    16. Babes at the Museum

    Babes at the Museum is a lighthearted project on art and style that "celebrates the culturally attuned, sartorially understated beauties who stroll through the world's most exquisite museums and galleries."

    17. Pace Gallery

    Pace is a leading contemporary art gallery with locations in New York City, London, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Since 1960, it's shown more 700 art exhibitions, and today its Instagram shows us how well it's adapted to the digital age.

    18. Shepard Fairey

    Shepard Fairey is a legendary street artist and graphic designer. What's most awesome about Fairey's Instagram is that it shows everything that goes into being a street artist — something you might not think about when you only see the end result on a building wall.

    19. Brooklyn Museum

    The Brooklyn Museum's Instagram runs the whole spectrum of art eye candy — ancient Egyptian masterpieces, African art, European painting, decorative arts, period rooms, and some pretty awesome contemporary art works.

    20. The New Museum

    The New Museum, located in New York City's Lower East Side, is devoted to sharing the most innovative and thought-provoking contemporary art of our time. Its Instagram account does the same.

    21. Christie's

    Christie's is the world's largest auction house, specializing in the sale of some of the world's most important and rare works of fine art — which is exactly what makes its Instagram account so great!

    22. Thomas Campbell

    Tom is totally winning at Instagram. This director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art shares some the museum's most revered works, coupled with thoughtful and intelligent insights from a renowned curator. You might even notice a celeb or two.

    23. Artnet

    Artnet is an online powerhouse for the arts, providing recourses to collectors, institutions, and enthusiasts alike. Its Instagram feed is loaded with juicy art facts, priceless works of art, and cool art happenings that will keep any art lover salivating.