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    35 Beautiful Art Photographs Made By Leonard Nimoy

    Take a look through his prolific career as a photographer. NSFW, because all the best art always is.

    Although widely known for his role as Mr. Spock on Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy was also an accomplished photographer and artist.

    In the mid-1970s, Nimoy studied photography at UCLA and began seriously considering photography as an alternative to his acting career.

    And in 2003, he formally renounced acting to focus primarily on being a full-time photographer.

    Although he did star in several commercials, including a few alongside William Shatner for

    Throughout his lifetime, Leonard Nimoy would sharpen his talents with several photography projects and reveal his keen eye for natural beauty.

    Early Works (1970s and earlier)

    These early works lay the foundation for his prolific career as an artist. They show his natural talent for connecting with subjects and his careful attention to form and composition.

    Hand Series (1980s–early 2000s)

    As Mr. Spock became known for his signature Vulcan salute, Leonard Nimoy also became fascinated with the natural form of hands. He would revisit this theme through his career as an artist.

    Black and White (1990s–2000s)

    For his series Black and White, Nimoy would experiment with studio portraiture and continue his fascination with the female form.

    Eye Contact (1980s–early 2000s)

    Eye Contact blends aspects of Nimoy's previous work but removes the visual gaze of his subjects, instead focusing solely upon the natural beauty of the female form.

    Shekhina (2002)

    For Shekhina, Nimoy took to the studio to visually represent the divine presence of God as a woman. He was hugely influenced by his upbringing as the child of Jewish immigrant parents.

    Leonard writes,

    My first encounter with mystery and power of the Shekhina took place as a little boy, perhaps eight or nine years old, standing with my father, grandfather, and brother for the traditional blessing of the Orthodox Jewish service.

    Full Body (2007)

    In Full Body, Nimoy photographed members of a burlesque group called The Fat-Bottom Revue. His photos once again visit the female form and prove that natural beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

    Secret Selves (2010)

    For Secret Selves, Nimoy found inspiration in Greek mythology. Aristophanes believed that humans were once double-sided creatures with two heads, then Zeus split man in two and left him forever searching for his whole. This series depicts his subjects' creative and sometimes weird sides, the part of us we try to hide from others.