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25 Things Only Butch Gay Men Will Understand

Grrrrr....I'm not that kind of gay.

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1. We started having doubts about our sexuality because we never fit the “stereotypes”.

2. We are undecided on whether to hang out with gay men or straight men.

3. But at the end, we usually choose to hang out with straight dudes.

4. Finding someone to relate to within the gay community feels like looking for a needle in a haystack.

5. Never being able to find a good representation of gay men in the media.

6. Some chicks never seem to understand that you can be gay and butch at the same time.

7. We get asked “Are you sure you’re gay?” on a daily basis.

8. People just assume we are bisexual.

9. Never getting the appeal of gay parades.

10. Rainbows are abominations.

11. We can’t stand drag queens.

12. Madonna is not our gay icon.

13. We don't really consider any female pop artist a gay icon.

14. Gay clubs are extremely awkward.

15. Other gay dudes assume we are always “on top” because we are manly.

16. Musicals = Nightmares

Scary as hell.

17. Sports and video games are lot more interesting than fashion design.

18. If one of us is a “bottom”, people will give us a MEGA GASP.

You're too macho to be a bottom?!

19. Rock or even hip hop are lot catchier than pop or techno.

Rob Halford is the man!

20. Glee is the worst TV show ever in our opinion.

21. Dragon Ball Z > Sailor Moon

22. Having facial hair is actually pretty awesome.

23. Always dreaming about this dude.


24. That moment when you see your straight male friends kissing their girlfriends and realize how depressed you are.

25. Feeling as if there aren't enough butch gay dudes out there .

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