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    Get Ready To Live In Compliment City With These 25 Cute Target Pieces

    If you're not ready to be stopped by multiple stranger demanding to know where you got your outfit...maybe don't read this post.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A puff-sleeve floral print fit-and-flare dress, to let everyone know that you have entered your Coquette Era. 🌸

    Model in black puff sleeve dress

    2. A cropped blazer, because it's time for you to finally live out all your '90s office chic fantasies. I say, go all the way with the look and put your glasses on your head! Push a pencil through your bun! Look adorable as you drop a bunch of papers! Etc!

    a person in a black cropped blazer

    3. A puff-sleeve empire waist dress that looks like a seriously high-end dress, but its price is closer to what you'd pay for a seriously high-end brunch. How egg-sellent (sorry).

    a person in a floral empire waist dress

    4. A zip-front denim cargo jacket because yes, I know you already have a denim jacket, but this one has such unique style! That zip front alone makes this one worth a second look.

    a person in a denim zip-front jacket

    5. An open work crochet button down that's the perfect spring piece. This baby works over a tank top at work, over a crop or bra top for going out, over your bathing suit on that first beach day of the year...better get acquainted, because you two are going to be spending a LOT of quality time together.

    6. A boxy cropped linen button down in a pastel shade, because Easter may be over, but dressing like an Easter candy egg is on trend ~forever~.

    Model in a pastel green long sleeve cropped button up shirt

    7. A high-rise maxi skirt that will make you feel so utterly Y2K, you'll want to immediately run to the mall and buy an Avril Lavigne album. (PS: Do malls still exist?)

    8. A fine-gauge ribbed cardigan so you can give off casual "Oh, me? Just on lunch break from my art gallery job!" vibes wherever you go.

    model wearing light brown ribbed cardigan

    9. A slim-fit off-shoulder blouse made with easy-to-wear stretch fabric, so it's comfy, but the asymmetrical neckline creates some serious "Who IS that??" energy.

    a person in an asymmetrical black long sleeve top in lavender

    10. A chunky-knit sweater dress in rust, because this piece is a multi-tasker, just like you: it will make you look cute, and it will keep you warm and cozy as heck on chillier spring days.

    a person in a rust colored long sweater dress

    11. A puff-sleeve crop top especially great for anyone who's curious about the puff-sleeve trend, but afraid of looking like they're wearing a Halloween costume. This puff is subtle, giving your look a touch of fun without straying into "Samantha the American Girl doll" territory.

    12. A strapless denim jumpsuit with a bustier top and cargo bottoms, because it's giving "Britney and Justin's matching denim outfits at the 2001 American Music Awards" in the best possible way.

    Model wearing a strapless denim jumpsuit with cargo pockets

    13. A long-sleeve plisse top that's comfortable and casual, but also a little more sophisticated than your standard plain cotton top.

    a person in a black long sleeve top

    14. A bodycon maxi tank dress, because here's a little-known fact: wearing a tank dress is actually even lazier than walking around in sweatpants and a tank top, because you only had to pick out one piece of clothing...and yet everyone will think you got dressed up and put in a ton of effort. Witchcraft!

    Model in butter yellow sleeveless maxi body con tank dress with slit near bottom

    15. A zip-front floral print boilersuit with cropped legs that reviewers are calling a "short girl win" AKA if you are on the shorter side, you won't have to roll the bottoms of these legs up! Finally! (I am 5'2" and know the pain of Having All Pants Be Too Long, trust me).

    Model in a dark blue boilersuit with small light colored flowers printed all over it

    16. A short-sleeve pointelle mock turtleneck, because putting on a turtleneck instead of a T-shirt always instantly makes an outfit 80% fancier. (Don't argue with me, it's science.)

    a person in a black short sleeved mock turtleneck

    17. A pleather racing jacket, for style situations where your old jacket simply won't do. The racing-style neckline and tailoring set it apart from the moto jacket pack.

    a person in a black pleather racing jacket

    18. A pair of seamed straight-leg jeans that are a more grown-up version of the cargo pants trend. Plus, these are the ultra-rare stylish pants that actually have enough room to hold your phone, wallet, lip balm, those weird mints you're always chewing, etc.

    a person in seamed baggy medium wash jeans

    19. A midi slip dress, because layering season has finally arrived!! You can wear this over a baby T and tights, add a chunky sweater and a cute scarf on colder days, or sport it all on its own once the warm weather really hits.

    a person in a light pink slip dress

    20. A lace corset tank top that's exactly what you need to take your usual weekday "tank and jeans" look up a notch. You can also pop open a few of the corset's clasps if you want to convert it into a sexier, going-out top.

    21. A boatneck bodysuit, because wearing a boatneck neckline is basically like holding a sign over your head that says "Hello I Am Polished & Sophisticated" (but with less arm strain).

    a person in a red scoopneck bodysui

    22. An open weave cardigan that's the perfect layering piece, because now people can see that you have great taste in cardigans *and* great taste in camisoles.

    model in a black button-up sweater and textured pants

    23. A sleeveless denim jumpsuit, because the retro-inspired collared top and zip-front + ultra-current wide legs = a totally timeless look.

    a person in a sleeveless denim jumpsuit

    24. A pair of super high-rise tapered jeans that are made with rigid denim in the front, and spandex-denim stretch fabric in the back — so you can get that structured denim look, without the extremely uncomfortable feeling of structured denim rubbing on your backside all day long.

    25. An Olivia Rodrigo "Guts" tour crewneck T-shirt, because it's cute, it's official Olivia merch, and it also definitely costs way less than buying a shirt at her concert (since we all know that concert T-shirts cost approximately one bajillion dollars).

    Model in a black Olivia Rodrigo t-shirt with pink illustration of Olivia on it

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