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    25 Pet Products From Amazon That'll Basically Function As Decor

    Adorable toys, stylish beds, and everything else you need to turn your home into a Pinterest-worthy pet paradise.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A micro velvet couch-style bed specifically made for small dogs that is honestly nicer than any of your actual human furniture (it even has a storage pocket for toys!).

    The gray dog couch, with legs that raise it about two inches off the ground and a wide, rounded back like a traditional couch

    Promising review: "This is the best sofa! Both my cat and dog love it! It also works nicely with the gray decor in my house. I don't find it cheaply made; in fact, my friends remark that it's nicer than their own sofas. I bought a new couch and didn't want the pets to destroy it, so this new couch meets nicely with their needs." —PositiveGirl

    Price: $92.13 (originally $121.99)

    2. A wicker hooded cat bed, because your cat loves the cottagecore aesthetic just as much as you do.

    The black wicker cat bed, with a round, domed area on top of a pedestal

    Promising review: "Super sturdy material and high enough for the cat to enjoy a good leap. It looks solo good anywhere you put it and truly elevates the typical cat bed look since it looks luxurious." —Eduardo

    Price: $73.99+ (available in two colors)

    3. A macrame hanging cat bed so darn chic for both of you, it's basically functional wall art.

    The macrame cat bed, which hangs from a wooden wall mount, ending in a flat woven surface for the cat to lay on

    Promising review: "STURDY and well designed. The material and knots are actually a lot better than expected. Very cool and well-produced cat hanging bed." —Shaylee Stigleman

    Price: $49.99

    4. A food-themed squeaky toy play set that is so cute, you honestly might buy a second one just to display.

    A dog plays with the coffee mug burrow toy, and one donut squeaky toy

    Promising review: "I purchased the cookies and milk, the popcorn, the donuts and coffee mug, and the chicken legs bucket. My dogs go nuts for them all! The only thing I found to be an issue is that on some of these, the hole is smaller, so dogs with larger snouts can’t get in the hole to retrieve the pieces (especially on the cookies/milk set). But they will still play with the cookies separately, or I will put a piece to stick just slightly out of it so they can still grab it. (The donuts/mug set has the largest hole)." —Amazon reviewer

    Price: $10.99+ (available in three food themes)

    5. A foldable foam staircase for small pets available in multiple colors and patterns, so you can match your decor while you help your buddy stay mobile.

    The stairs in a lattice print pattern, set up next to a full-sized bed

    Promising review: "The dogs like the steps and the best part is that they are quiet and sturdy, so the dogs don't sound like they are scrambling up a slide when they use it. Oh, also, the steps look nice instead of having a hunk of plastic in the bedroom, it's the perfect gray color and the design on the side isn't too much." —Cosmic Cupcake

    Price:$44.99+ (available in two sizes and eight colors/ patterns)

    6. A bamboo pod bed for cats (and cat-like dogs) that will bring a touch of mod '60s style to your space.

    The rounded pod bed, with a large round opening and a cushion on the bottom

    Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE this bed!! It is made at very high quality and just looks super chic! It matches my house decor perfectly and is such a great addition. My cats love it already and look so adorable when they nap in it. I got the large size bed so that they both can snuggle in it together, and it’s the perfect size. It is very durable and the cushion comes out for easy cleaning." —prinayar

    Price: $99.90 (available in four colors)

    7. A wood-and-wire dog kennel to blend in with your decor, so it can do double-duty as doggie crate and an end table.

    The crate, which has a gray wood frame, with four wire mesh windows

    Promising review: "Fantastic crate. Looks great with our grey cabinets, and was very easy to assemble. It’s very sturdy and we use it as a table to store stuff on top of. The double gate are very convenient and allows you to set it up pretty much wherever you want." —Robert G.

    Price: $229.99+ (available in two sizes)

    8. A ceramic Jonathan Adler food bowl with a silicone lid and anti-skid sleeve for the discerning pup who demands to be fed in style. We know, we know, dogs don't care about food presentation, they would eat directly from trash cans if we let them. But this is still a very cute bowl!

    The bowl, with colorful speckle pattern on top, and the silicone lid/ anti-skid sleeve in aqua on the bottom

    Promising review: "I love them! I got the 4-cups bowl for my 15-pound dog and used it as a water bowl, and the 3-cups bowl with the rubber lid as her food bowl. The silicone can be used at the bottom so the bowl doesn’t move around when she tries to lick it; and it can be used as a lid for leftovers, which I love! The bowls also look really nice, not too girly and not too ordinary, they are just perfect!!" —Magda

    Price: $24.99

    9. A ceramic water fountain that will encourage your pet to stay hydrated and give your room a soothing, fancy spa kind of vibe.

    The pet fountain in red, with a short rectangular tube emitting streams of water on two sides, and a large square bowl around the bottom to catch the water

    Promising review: "Eddie was diagnosed with kidney disease early stage. He had already been drinking a lot of water, and I realized he was thirsting for water during the night. I decided to try a ceramic fountain. It cost more than the others, but it was an instant and lasting hit with Eddie. I didn't know how to rate it for 'noise,' because I actually love the sound of the water. This fountain is well-made, and beautiful to look at. But, of course, the main feature is that it is serving my cat's health to the fullest at this stage in his life. Cannot recommend more highly." —Karen

    Price: $64.95+ (available in four colors)

    10. A pastel tie-dye dog treat puzzle, because keeping your best friend entertained and your home design on point doesn't have to be mutually exclusive.

    The toy, which has a UFO shape, with cross-shaped holes at the top and bottom for treats

    Promising review: "This new toy has caught my dog's attention. It has a nice surface — not hard plastic, but still seems very durable...The ring is great for picking up the toy and flipping it. I'm glad to have found something that my dog enjoys so much. I highly recommend this one." —D. Scharlotte

    Price: $9.99+ (available in two colors)

    11. A cactus-shaped scratching post that'll fulfill your need for cute, campy decor, and your cat's need to scratch up something besides your couch.

    Cat using the scratching post

    Promising review: "Took a chance and ordered this before there were any reviews and I’m glad I did, because it’s soooooooo cute! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality, too. My kitten loves it. Right now, he’s small enough to sit/lay on top of it between the cactus arms, and they are sturdy enough to hold him. He has a blast playing with the ball, too! Cucumber approves!" —Holly Gilbertson

    Price: $19.99+ (available in hanging or standing versions)

    12. A Nightmare Before Christmas orthopedic pet mat with a removable cover, because every season is Spooky Decor Season at your house.

    The mat, which is rectangular and made of foam with a cover that is patterned after Sally's ragdoll skin

    Promising review: "Great item, love the zipper cover for easy washing. Item exactly as described, fits very well in the crate we have. My Siberian Husky seems happy with this purchase." —Hjkac13

    Price: $34.95

    13. A modular cat tree with a hammock and four soft perches that can be adjusted to give your cat a new adventure every day (because when you leave your cat to make their own adventures, it usually ends in them murdering your houseplants).

    The tall tiered cat tree, with four small wooden platforms and cloth hammock at the top

    Promising review: "Not only does this offer my cats a place to play, climb and nap, it's also like a piece of art!! I have it in front of the window and the cats love to perch on the shelves and watch the birds or just take a nap." —Ana in NY

    Price: $209.99

    14. A vintage-inspired wrought iron bird cage so your feathered friends can chirp the day away in style.

    A tall black wrought iron bird cage, with a rounded roof

    Promising review: " I was worried a cage this large would be hard to assemble—but it only took about two hours. It was worth the time because the cage looks awesome and is very sturdy!! I love the color as I think it will hide messes better and it matches the trim in our home. Cage does come with nice wood perches, and metal food / water bowls. The door openings are very big for easy access, and the latches are well done for keeping the cage safe and secure. Please note this cage has 1 inch of space between the bars, so it is only recommended for large-size birds." —Redd R.

    Price: $176.99

    15. A pretty, soft cloth pet bed that's a literal pup tent (or cat tent). Their old bed could never look this on-trend.

    The dome bed, with a small opening in the front, and tent-like enclosures on all sides

    Promising review: "My Chihuahua loooves this bed! I have it in my at home office and it matches perfectly with the decor. Highly recommend. Great quality for such an affordable price" —C. DeMc

    Price:$21.99+ (available in two sizes and six colors)

    16. A fluffy, faux fur donut bed with a raised rim so you can spice up your interior design while also making your small dogs feel secure and tucked-in.

    The large round pink faux fur bed, with two small dogs sitting comfortably inside

    Promising review: "I've only had the bed a few days, so I can't speak to durability or ease of cleaning. But my dogs freaked OUT when they got on this bed. They rolled around, muzzled into the outer ring... It was like they'd found paradise! My dogs are each roughly 9 pounds and the two fit nicely together on the medium one." —Brianna Blacet

    Price: $31.99+ (available in three sizes and five colors)

    17. A litter box enclosure styled to look like a regular cabinet, so you can put it in any room and no one will be the wiser (except your cats, who know exactly what's up).

    The enclosure, with two cabinet doors on the front that can be open or closed, and a hole on the right side so cat can access litter box

    Promising review: "Love this. Our bathroom had only a pedestal sink and no surface area before purchasing, and our previous litter box was an ugly plastic monstrosity. Once this arrived and was put together, my bathroom suddenly became more functional and attractive!" —Merrie

    Price: $89.99+ (available in two sizes and three colors)

    18. A weather-proof wooden loft bed/playhouse for small pups, because no matter whether your doggos like to hang out indoors or outside, they'll like exploring this mini-mansion.

    The pet bed, which is made of natural stain wood, and which has a small hutch on the bottom, a deck with railings on top, and a small staircase connecting the two

    Promising review: "Good price for a well-made dog house. I got this for my little Daisy May, who is a pure bred deer Chihuahua. I can fit toys in it, as well as food and water on top—she loves it!! It is like her little cave! It's not very heavy and sits off the floor on legs, so it's easy to keep clean and easy to move, or even dismantle if needed!" —Summer

    Price: $95.99

    19. An ultra-modern, wall-mounted, hexagonal cat bed that you can customize to match your home, so your kitty gets a cool new place to explore and you get a cool new piece of decor.

    The three hexagons, which are connected and mounted on the wall, so that the cat may walk straight through them, or enter each individually

    Promising review: "I love these cat hexagons and so do my cats!!! I was looking for something stylish and functional for my cats, and I couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Assembly takes patience, but I never felt like I was going to snap any of the pieces during the process, like some of the other reviews state. I did buy extra heavy-duty hardware to hang these with, to be on the safe side. Thanks for the great new addition to my office space Igor!!" —d r

    Price: $69+ (available as sets of two or three hexagons, and in five colors)

    20. A cozy little patterned cocoon bed for your hamster, hedgehog, guinea pig, or other small pet, because your tiniest friends can still have the biggest impact on your home style.

    The soft, pillowy sleeping bag-style bed

    Promising review: "My piggies love this bed. Medium is perfect for one guinea pig (mine don’t snuggle, so I wanted a one-pig bed). Sometimes they sleep inside, sometimes the sleep on top of it—either way they are happy. Easy to clean in the washer/dryer — no shrinkage." —Adam I.

    Price: $16.99 (available in three sizes and seven colors/ patterns)

    21. A foldable wooden pet gate with an arched top, so you can keep on top of your interior design game and keep your furry friends safe at the same time.

    A folding gate with rounded top and wooden slats

    Promising review: "My three Maltese dogs range in weight from three pounds to 12 pounds. I had concerns that a free-standing gate wouldn't be secure enough; I worried about it falling and hurting the 3-pound dog. This pet gate is ideal for my situation. It is very sturdy and stands well on its own, although, for extra security, I place one end behind a heavier item. The other end swings easily over my porcelain floor, so I use it as a convenient gate." —Bichon Mom

    Price: $54.99+ (available in two lengths and three or four panels)

    22. A retro dog biscuit tin that belongs out on your counter, alongside your other cute kitchen decor, instead of hidden in a cabinet.

    The cylindrical tin, with the word "Biscuits" written in a bone-shaped design on the side,

    Promising review: "This tin is just perfect...I thought it would be too small from the dimensions, but it is just right. We get the Milkbone small mini treats and the tin will easily fit at least one (and maybe two) boxes at a time. Just love it!" —Border Collies Rock

    Price: $9.99+ (available in three designs)

    23. A wall-mounted, black-and-white striped canvas-and-wood cat hammock, for cats who prefer to stay above it all and owners who prefer a minimalist look.

    Promising review: "Took a chance on this and I love it! Easy to assemble and it looks very modern, especially if you want to have a more integrated cat "tower" / play wall outside of the typical carpet towers. The hammock seems very durable. It looks like it'll be secure enough. My cat is 3 years old, weighs probably around 9-10 pounds, and it's holding up. Will see how it goes in the long term!" —Vi

    Price: $32.79+ (available in two designs)

    24. A sleek recycled cardboard cat scratcher and lounger that basically looks like ultra-modern furniture.

    The scratcher, a curved loop of cardboard with a dip in the middle that a cat can rest on

    Promising review: "Best purchase I've ever made for my cat for the money. She sleeps and plays on this thing constantly. So far I haven't had any issues with it getting shredded and having to vacuum up pieces, like I do with other corrugated cardboard scratchers. This one is super sturdy and a bit bulky, so make sure you check dimensions if you're working with a small space. I got the brown color and it doesn't look super cheap like I was afraid it might." —A. Nielsen

    Price: $49.95 (available in three colors)

    25. A unicorn cat condo, because admit it, you've been looking for an excuse to put a unicorn in your living room for a WHILE.

    The unicorn-shaped cat condo, with a pink base and two pink "legs," a multi-colored fur tube, a "tail" with ball and string dangling from it, and a "head" with unicorn horn

    Promising review: "My cat absolutely loves this and it’s far more attractive than most cat scratchers. She played with the ball on the tail before we could even get it assembled, which only takes minutes. The tunnel is large enough for a pretty big cat, and sturdy enough to have her jumping and playing in all of it without it moving. The only surprise here, honestly, is how inexpensive it actually was for the quality of the product, in comparison with others I’ve seen.." —Casey S.

    Price: $73.70+ (available in four styles)

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