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    28 Practical Things Worth Buying At Wayfair's Way Day Sale

    Items so practical, you'll wonder how you literally ever got anything done without them.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Ready to give your home the ultra-practical glow-up of your dreams? Way Day, Wayfair's biggest sale of 2021, is here. From April 28 to 29, you can save up to 80% on furniture, decor, appliances — basically everything except a literal house. So if you're looking to score some double-duty, space-saving, or life-changing furniture and home products, you're in the right place.

    Here are just some of the awesome products you can get on sale right now:

    1. A 17-piece Cuisinart aluminum nonstick cookware set, because "I only own one pan" is no longer a valid excuse for not having people over for dinner.

    The pans, pots, and skillets, which are all a dark gray color, with metal handles and clear glass lids

    2. A slim, faux-distressed console table that looks French country-stylish and also has four working drawers, so you can stow away all the very important things in your life that are neither French nor stylish (looking at you, leash and doggy doo bags).

    A reviewer photo of the narrow table, which has an open storage shelf on the bottom and four drawers styled to look like 10 drawers with individual pulls on the top

    3. A pillow-top hybrid mattress that lets you have the best of both sleep-related worlds—it combines memory foam and pocketed coil design, for a mattress that's supportive but also has a soft side.

    The mattress, which is thick

    4. A 30" GE over the range microwave with sensor cooking capacity, so you can prevent overcooking, and take "extremely dry chicken breasts" off the menu permanently.

    The microwave, which is mounted over the stove, in brushed steel finish

    5. A bagless Bissell all-in-one wet/ dry vac that works on carpets and floors, and can mop your hardwood floors as you vacuum. Is it witchcraft?! No, it's just a really, really good vacuum.

    The vacuum, which is bagless, and has a green-and-clear-plastic body

    6. A Kelly Clarkson Home velvet wingback swivel chair with wheels, so you can combine "beautiful design" with "actually being able to move around your home office."

    The chair, which has a gold swivel base, in yellow

    7. An upholstered storage bench with turned feet, so you can give your room a refined vibe and hide all your dog's weird, drooly toys.

    8. A Wi-Fi-enabled Roomba that has voice activation. Just use Alexa or Google Voice Assistant to program it and it will respond to specific voice commands, like "Clean up under the kitchen table." It also develops smart "maps" of each room that help it learn how to best clean them (and learn how to not get stuck under your couch).

    The Roomba, which is circular and has small brushes that extend from it to clean

    9. A set of room-darkening rod pocket curtains, because you shouldn't have to choose between decor you like and actually sleeping past 6 a.m. (UGH, EAST-FACING ROOMS!!)

    A reviewer photo of the curtains, which have rod pockets and can also be hung with hooks

    10. A Cuisinart toaster/ air fryer that fits compactly on your counter, yet cooks truly epic amounts of food—it can air fry 2.5 pounds of food, bake 3 pounds of food, or toast four bagel halves at once.

    The oven, which has a pull-out tray and basket attachment for cooking

    11. A minimalist desk with a built-in four level open book case, so you can keep the clean-line look you love and also actually have a place to put all your stuff.

    The desk, which has a dark brown wood top, and an open bookcase on the right side made from dark brown wood shelving and black metal

    12. A wall-mounted configurable closet organization system with both drawers and hanging space that will basically so a makeover montage on your closet.

    A reviewer photo of the closet system, which has a central drawer area, four hanging rods, and three shelves

    13. A lift-top coffee table, so you can finally work at home without hunching over into a weird, tiny pile all day long (don't be embarrassed, we do it, too). Plus, the lift-top conceals hidden storage space.

    14. A pet crate/ end table that blends in seamlessly with your modern living room decor, so your pet can have their own private space in the middle of everything.

    The crate, which has a swinging door with bars, and barred windows on either side, with a wood paneled top and small wood panels on the side

    15. A gray linen glider with recline and swivel functions, for your nursery, family room, or anywhere you'd like to make you and your little one feel comfy as all get out.

    The glider, which is gray with white piping

    16. A farmhouse TV stand with serious storage space, because it'll make tidying up the TV room waaaaay easier.

    A reviewer image of the TV stand, which has a cabinet door on either end, and two open storage shelves in the middle

    17. A five-shelf bookcase that gives off such perfect shabby-chic beach house decor vibes, you might forget that it's actually a practical storage item.

    The bookcase, which has open sides with "X" wooden framing

    18. A modern, clean-line litter box enclosure, so your furry pal can do their business without having their bathroom become your primary design element. The enclosure comes with double doors for box removal, and a built-in scratch pad.

    The litter enclosure, which is long and rectangular, with an entrance at one end, and double doors for litter box removal

    19. An L-shaped desk with hidden storage that fits snuggly in the corner and will help you make the most out of any space.

    The desk, which is L-shaped and has a cabinet/ drawer storage area in one leg, in white

    20. A Kelly Clarkson Home stain-resistant indoor/ outdoor rug, so you can finally actually enjoy owning a light-colored rug, instead of just obsessing over accidentally staining it.

    The rug, which is rectangular and tan

    21. An adjustable-height tufted, upholstered wingback headboard with nailhead trim, for people who want an elegant, eclectic bedroom look and a nice place to lean while you watch TV (you know who you are).

    22. A square-arm velvet sleeper sofa that folds down into a bed, so you don't have to choose between midcentury glam and making your mom sleep on the floor when she visits.

    The couch, which has square arms and back, in pink

    23. A compact, midcentury-styled gold-tone bar cart, so you can make cocktail nights (or coffee mornings) a bit more organized and stylish.

    the bar cart, which has wheels and three levels of shelving

    24. A column lamp with three levels of open storage that will help you totally transform any dark, cluttered corners of your house.

    The lamp, which is tall, with three open storage shelves set between four long, rectangular poles, in white

    25. A wheeled, wood-topped kitchen cart with cabinet space, drawers, a spice storage rack, a drop-down leaf, and even a built-in paper towel rack (!), for kitchens that could use a little more space.

    The cart in black

    26. A three-piece vanity set with dresser, stool, and mirror, because having a dedicated place to get ready (instead of just hunching over the bathroom sink) will change your morning.

    The vanity, which has two pull-out drawers and a round mirror on top, in white

    27. A set of two floating wooden shelves with invisible brackets, so you can maximize your storage space in the chicest way possible.

    The shelf, which is long and rectangular, in walnut

    28. A Scandinavian-style pub table with built-in bookshelves, for the kitchen or home office that could use a little stylish storage.

    The table, which has four small open shelves built into one leg

    See all the Way Day deals here and happy shopping!

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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