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    26 Products From Amazon That'll Help You Be The Best Pet Parent Ever

    Pet parenting isn't a contest. But also, it is a contest, and

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    1. A four-level Fur Haven cat tree with a hammock, an enclosed condo, scratching posts, and dangling toys, so your favorite feline has a great spot to survey their kingdom (aka your entire house)

    The cat tree, which is covered in gray carpet-like fabric, and has scratching post material wrapped around much of its two main columns, which support four platforms, a hammock, and a cat condo

    2. A multi-textured rubber-and-nylon chew toy that looks like the legendary Loch Ness Monster. Does your pup love it because it feels like two toys in one? Or because they're an amateur monster hunter? Who's to say!

    3. A color-changing, light-up flying disk for supervised night-time play, because your pup treasures outdoor quality time with you — even during the darkest, dreariest times of the year.

    The frisbee, illuminated in green

    4. A banana-shaped cave bed that gives you both everything you need — they get the privacy and security of an enclosed space, and you get to see your cat sitting inside a giant banana. Win-win!

    A cat inside the banana bed, which has a "peel" that can be pulled over the opening to cover the cat as they lie inside

    5. A leak-proof puppy water bottle with a built-in cup, so you don't need to set up a separate bowl for your doggo's water break. Plus, any water left over in the cup can easily drain back into the bottle with the push of a button so you don't have to get nervous about wasting water.

    dog drinking out of the bottle, which has a clear cylindrical bottle to hold the water, and a scoop-shaped cup for the dog to drink out of

    6. A bottle of waterless, paraben-and-sulfate-free pet shampoo, for dogs and cats whose love of stinky messes is equalled only by their hatred of baths.

    7. An machine-washable pet drying towel that's so absorbent, post-bath soakings will become a distant memory. Plus, it has built-in mitts, so you don't have to worry about getting a grip on a wet towel (and a wetter dog).

    The towel, which has large nubs

    8. And a portable silicone-bristle paw washer, for the pup who gets muddy like it's their job.

    reviewer placing a boxer's paw into the large cleaner

    9. A big, bright parrot toy that has ropes, blocks, and everything else you need to entertain the medium-sized bird in your life.

    10. A heavy, easy-to-clean water dish made from non-porous resin, for snakes and other reptiles who have never met a water bowl they didn't tip over.

    snake next to the bowl, which has a "natural" style on it's outer surface, made to look like stone

    11. A pet travel organizer with dividers and built-in food storage compartments, so they only thing you need to worry about is how many tiny Hawaiian shirts you need to pack for your dog on vacation (the correct answer is four).

    12. A beginner's slow feeder ball for pups prone to absolutely gulping down their dinners (and then looking at you like, "So when's second dinner?")

    The treat ball, which is red and yellow, and has two small holes to dispense treats as dogs roll it

    13. A set of handmade dog cookies, so you can celebrate birthdays, "gotcha" days, and other special occasions with the style (and baked goods) that they deserve.

    14. A self-separating litter box that you can clean in about two seconds, no poking-awkwardly-through-litter required. Just gently roll this litter box over and back, and all the waste will automatically collect in an easy-to-empty side compartment.

    15. A set of freestanding steps, so you can help aging or injured dogs up to 200 pounds stay mobile on their own.

    The stairs, which are two large, wide steps, leading up to a bed with a golden retriever on it

    16. An 80-ounce pet water fountain that will entice your cat to drink more, since cats prefer flowing water. Plus, it's so well-designed, it basically looks like decor.

    The fountain, which has an arched spout which shoots water in an arc towards the bowl at the fountain's bottom

    17. A legs-out dog carrier for dogs who get anxious traveling in closed carriers (or just like to take in the scenery).

    A Pomeranian being carried in the striped version of the holder

    18. A cactus-shaped scratching post, because you always need more cute decor, and your cat always needs more things to scratch.

    Cat using the scratching post

    19. An indoor/outdoor shower wand attachment so you can easily and gently wash undercoats, rinse off soap, and otherwise make tub time a little bit less of a headache for the both of you.

    A dog being washed with a stream of water from the wand

    20. A USB-powered laser toy that turns on automatically, so your cat can stay entertained all day, even when you're not there to serve them — I mean, play with them.

    21. A hands-free belt leash so you can bring your best friendo along when you jog, hike, run errands, push a stroller, or otherwise need to make use of your hands. If you need more control, just grab the built-in handles near the top and bottom of the leash.

    The leash, which wraps around the waist, and then hooks to the dog's leash with a carabiner-style clip

    22. A macrame hanging cat bed that's a soft place to snooze and awesome wall art.

    The macrame cat bed, which hangs from a wooden wall mount, ending in a flat woven surface for the cat to lay on

    23. A lick pad so you can distract your pup during baths, groomings, nail trimmings, and other moments when they might be tempted to bolt. Just smear the surface with peanut butter, adhere the pad with its suction cup, and get ready for some first-class doggy distraction.

    dog licking the green, peanut-butter-covered mat, which can stick to a wall with suction cups

    24. A bin-and-rake pet waste scooper with a handle that extends up to 32 inches, because when you're cleaning up doggy doo...every inch of space between you and it counts.

    The rake and the bin, both of which are mounted on long handles

    25. A combination scratching post/lounger, so your kitty can relax and scratch the living daylights out of something at the same time.

    The scratcher, which has a soft, rounded wave shape

    26. A leak-proof, soft-sided cat carrier that has handles, shoulder straps, escape-proof zippers, and a car seatbelt attachment—basically, everything you and your little buddy need to safely fly the friendly skies (or roads).

    The reviews used in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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