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    33 Things That Make Touring Performers Very, Very Happy.

    In the past 9 months I’ve been on the road with a traveling theatrical production that has taken me to 73 cities, 20 states and quite accurately a bazillion hotel rooms. While touring may be a grueling and quick-paced lifestyle, it also has the power to instill in a traveler a sense of gratitude for little things, “normal people” may take for granted. Here is my year’s compilation of some very tiny and some very spectacular things that keep a touring performer touring…and sane.

    1. Hotel rooms with kitchens

    "Just call me Ina Garten."

    2. Experiencing famous regional fast-food chains for the first time

    "They put what on their fries? I’m down."

    3. When really important people come to see your show

    4. Swing seats on the bus

    "I will use ALL the leg space!"

    5. Hotel massage-bar soap

    "I deserve this."

    6. Hotel rooms with a view

    7. Being a tourist

    "Guess I'll go check out that national landmark with my free time today."

    8. Hanging with the band

    9. Having a rental car for the week

    "We are like normal people"

    10. Skype sessions with loved ones

    11. Family members seeing your show…then taking you out to dinner

    12. When a fellow performer gets a new piece of clothing

    13. Avant-garde gas station decor

    14. New flavor additions to the coffee box

    15. Staying long enough in a city to actually use the closet

    16. Finding a couch to nap on during 2-show days

    "Booked it."

    17. Hipster coffee shops

    "So, tell me a little bit about your pour-over options."

    18. Finding someone else on tour who is just as invested in your favorite TV show as you are


    19. Golden Days

    "Pardon me, where is the bar located?", says the entire company.

    20. Seeing other shows

    It was awesome, btw.

    21. Adding new states to your list

    22. When someone lets you stop and play with their dogs on the street

    23. Press days

    "Yeah, we’re pretty much celebrities."

    24. Homemade baked goods

    "Cupcakes in the green room…aaaand they’re gone."

    25. Signing autographs for young performers

    "I was literally you."

    26. Weird gas station cuisine

    "What are you eating?"

    "Dehydrated truck-stop Lasagna."

    "Oh. Is it any good?"

    27. Playing “haunted” theaters

    "A dark figure just passed by the gondolas!!"

    "That was an electrician."

    28. Mail!

    Instant happiness

    29. Seeing your friend’s name on a wall tag


    30. Playing beautiful venues

    31. Spotting your show on a new marquee

    "Hey, that’s us!"

    32. A travel buddy you can rest comfortably with

    33. Playing a show in your hometown

    This is, hands-down, the best.

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