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25 Inspiring Harry Styles GIFs To Get You Through Finals Week

Finals or not, he never goes out of style.

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1. You can write that 10-page paper.

2. You'll be able to read through all those library books.

3. Your thesis will get done by its due date.

Perez Hilton / Via

4. Your group project will be over before you know it.

Pop Crush / Via

5. You'll ace your chem exam.

6. And your econ, history, and literature exams.

Tumblr / Via

7. You can make it through your lab report.

Buzzfeed / Via

8. Go on and start studying for your mirco economics test.

Pop Crush / Via

9. And start reading your French book.

10. Harry will still be here to encourage you when you're done.

11. If you're stressed out, don't worry.

Giphy / Via

12. Just take a nap and regroup in the morning.

Pop Crush / Via

13. Don't worry about that jackass in your group project.

Tumblr / Via

14. Harry will take care of 'em for you.

We Heart It / Via

15. Make sure you're taking breaks to eat some healthy snacks.

Rebloggy / Via

16. "Never ever take a final exam on an empty stomach" - Harry Styles.

Gurl / Via

17. Be sure to rest up before the big day.

18. Cramming for an extra three hours at 2 a.m. never did any good.

Pinterest / Via

19. You will make it through this week.

MTV / Via

20. And next week, and the week after.

21. Harry is here for you.

Tumblr / Via

22. To help you write that horrid research paper.

23. Or be your favorite group member.

Giphy / Via

24. Or just be your shoulder to cry on during this hellish week.

Sugar Scape / Via

25. Harry believes in you, you can do it.

MTV / Via

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