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15 Times Michael Scott Accurately Described Your College Senior Year

Because we all just want to run away from our responsibilities.

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1. When you get back to campus and see all the freshman at frat parties.

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After you hit legal drinking age, frat parties are like unicorns — they don't really exist, and they're mainly for children.

3. When capstone papers and projects slowly start creeping up on you.

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Senior year of college is not like senior year of high school. You have to really know your major in order to get your degree.

7. When you're pulling so many all-nighters, you don't even know how to function like a human being anymore.

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You don't remember the last time you showered, and you almost forgot to put on pants before walking out the door. The struggle is real.

8. When you find someone on Tinder and then find out they're taken, or worse, not that into you.

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Dating in college is so hard, but senior year is even harder, because your standards have raised and the amount of people who fit them have decreased (to like, zero.)

13. When you're working on your final projects for the semester.

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You're supposed to put everything you know into the final project, and that becomes a huge challenge when you've learned nothing all semester.

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