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This Is Something That Needs To Be Said

I have recently began a Tumblr page. In writing about my views about society and the world, I realized something that everyone needs to hear, and I wrote about it.

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Last week, I began a Tumblr blog named, "STEM".

At first, I started the Tumblog out of boredom, but then I realized that there were many underlying and minuscule issues that infest this generation. I then made the blog out to be an outlet and a megaphone for me to make my generation fully aware of these issues.

I started writing, and then wrote some more; I posted once, twice, and then I couldn't stop writing. I began realizing that there was so much to discuss; the beauties and flaws of the world we live in today.

I then realized that this blog shouldn't just be about my opinions. I wanted people to respond and give feedback to what they thought of my opinions; and send me their own thoughts about issues I hadn't mentioned.

And then, something happened.

I stayed home from school, and went out with my dad. I don't wanna give too much away, but in that diner, I realized something that everyone, no matter if they cared or didn't, needed to hear.

Thanks for reading.

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