27 Struggles That Lactose-Intolerant People Know All Too Well

Got Milk? NOPE!

1. When you see a hot steamy plate of mac ‘n’ cheese and know you just can’t have it.

2. You can’t have any cheese, really.

3. And cheeseburgers? Yeah, not happening!


Everyone else’s dessert.

Your dessert.


5. It’s never ice cream, it’s always sorbet.

6. Even health foods aren’t safe.


7. Trying to find dairy-free items on a menu can be tricky.

8. This is how you order pizza.

9. You get stuck with the vegan option when you’re not even vegan.

10. These are your new best friends, whether you like it or not.

Everyone has their favorite.

11. Most of them will break the bank.

$25 for soy milk powder?

12. Your friends always forget and cook with butter instead of oil.

13. And they tell you stuff is dairy-free when it’s really not.



15. Foods you thought were safe but actually contain lactose:


Bread. Granola. Even deli meats. WTF?

17. The ungodly noises that come out of your stomach.

18. You can’t partake in the latest food craze.

19. What even is popcorn without butter???

20. Coffee shops that don’t have soy milk.

And there’s no way you’re drinking your coffee black.

21. When your lactaid pills get crushed in your bag.

22. When you forget your lactaid pills, or they don’t work, and you know what’s about to happen.

23. When you’re forced to leave the party early.

This is your party now.

24. You can’t do this.

26. And this can never be you.

27. Oh, and lactose intolerance usually develops as you get older.

So no one is safe.

Annie Leibovitz / Via

Seriously, look it up.

But hey, you know what? You’ll never cry over spilled milk.

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