21 Joys Of Being A Girl And Growing Up With A Single Mom

As told by Lorelai, Rory, and other single moms and daughters in pop culture.

1. You can turn every night into a sleepover because there is always room in her bed.

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2. And when you’re younger there’s only one parent who will get mad at you when you act up in school.

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3. You’re her “date” for every occasion.

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4. You don’t have to fight for her attention because there is no one else around to steal your thunder.

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5. So she can focus on teaching you all the girly life lessons you need to be taught.

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6. And showing you the tough love that’s needed to prepare yourself for the experiences to come.

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7. Your planned Friday nights together are sacred, and no one or nothing else can come in-between.

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8. You know every little detail about the other’s life and you’re both master whizzes at gossiping.

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9. You’re instant shopping partners. Even when you’re far away you send each other “clothes selfies” whilst in the store before purchasing.

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10. Truth be told, you act more like best friends than you ever do mother and daughter.

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11. Because there are no boundaries and you’re mostly comfortable asking her the really awkward questions.

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12. Especially about love and heartbreak, because she obviously knows a thing or two about that.

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13. You mature at a much faster rate because there are certain adult things about her past you have to understand at a younger age.

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14. Once a little older, your palpable closeness and bond will get you mistaken for sisters A LOT.

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15. And with that comes the joy of sharing each other’s clothes and doubling up on your wardrobe.

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16. Through the years you’ve developed your own quirks and idiosyncrasies that no one else quite gets.

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17. You’re thrilled to imagine that when the time comes, she’ll be the one walking you down the aisle.

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18. Because she had to juggle you on her own, you will forever consider your mom a superhero who can make ANYTHING happen.

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19. And even after that, when things change and new people come into your families you’ll still always be each other’s #1.

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20. Because she’s not just your mom… she’s your mother/best friend/sister/therapist/go-to person for everything in life all wrapped up into one.

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21. And you’re hers too!

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