27 Experiences That Define Your Inter-Cultural Relationship

It ain’t always easy.

1. You get to try foods that you definitely wouldn’t have otherwise.


What up, caviar pancakes and black-bean-meat-sausage stew?

2. You also get double the holidays now. Some of which don’t even make sense to you.

NBC / Via pandawhale.com

3. And you’re expected to participate in all sorts of loopy customs and traditions.

Chumsak Kanoknan / Getty Images.

4. You didn’t really understand the fascination with your partner’s home sport, but you’ve seen enough games by now to the point where you can dig it.

Warner Bros. Entertainment / Via simplywallpaper.net

5. You’ve never fought harder with anyone about anything than who really should have won the FIFA World Cup.


6. Talks about religion can get a little crazy.

7. Especially if one expects the other to convert as the whole marriage thing rolls around.

8. Your taste in music is blown wide open.

9. Unfortunately, dance moves don’t always translate.

10. Every now and then, someone lets a cultural stereotype or two slip out. You learn to joke and laugh about it later, promise.

“You’re all the same.”

11. You may have different methods of conflict resolution.


12. Your grandma and mom don’t always understand.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via hollyweb.org

13. The language barrier between you and your potential mother-in-law can be cut with a knife.

New Line Cinema / Via allmovie.com

14. Big families vs. small families always make for interesting celebrations.

IFC Films / Via torontoist.com

15. Then there’s that moment at the party when an old, sweet relative comes up to try and talk to you.

16. You — or they — are probably referred to as “exotic” on the regular.

Paramount Pictures / Via chelseasbigappleaday.tumblr.com

17. Also, hearing from everyone and their mothers how cute your mixed babies will be can get old.

18. Sometimes haters will pass judgment and give you the stink eye.

Sony Pictures Entertainment / Via movies.zap2it.com

19. You get as defensive of their culture as you do your own.

20. You can’t help but wonder… Is there a future? Some people would be shunned if they married outside of their culture or race.

Hopefully your person gives zero fucks.

21. Upside? Slowly but surely, you’re learning a new language.




22. Which basically means you only know how to curse and say “I love you.”

23. You’re learning A LOT, actually. Getting cultured, and worldly, and all cosmopolitan.

24. Because you get to go to the coolest places with your own personal tour guide in hand and have a place to stay.

John Warburton-Lee / Getty Images/AWL Images RM

25. Also, you’re spreading love and acceptance without even really trying.

26. So even though at times it can feel as if the whole world is against you…

27. The chaos has forced you to grow and learn more than you would’ve in any other relationship, so you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Michael Tran/Magic Film

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