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The 25 Most Charming Drake Moments Of The Year

Champagne, and dancing, and a whole lot of smiles. Prepare to be Draked!

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3. And when his first Grammy arrived in the mail, he celebrated the epic win just like anyone else would. / Via

JK, he took shots out of his Grammy. That's not normal, but that's Drake and he's perfect... so it's fine.


5. And that time he posted this sexy-as-all-hell black and white #selfie.

7. Moving on, that time he posted a photo of himself staring deep into the eyes of this darling baby girl.



8. And that time he posted a "OMG, we're just having fun and laughing" photo with this cute little boy.

9. Also, every single photo he ever posted with his two goddaughters Spirit and Sade... like EVER.

10. Then there's that time he serenaded these two little princesses at a concert in Charlotte.

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Again, his goddaughters. And he changed the lyrics especially for them <3

11. He popped this bottle of champagne during an interview at NYU.

Because of course he popped this bottle of champagne during an interview at NYU.


12. And then poured a glass for this mom who was sitting in the front rows.

"You drink, mom?"

14. At one point this year, Drizzy offered his usual killer smile to love/hate Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

Mark Blinch / Reuters

This happened during an announcement that the Toronto Raptors would host the 2016 All-Star NBA game.


22. Hands down, the dreamiest moments were when he played "Who Has Drake Dated?" on Ellen.

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25. Basically, Drake is the most charming human being on the planet and if you have any doubts just stare into his "come hither" eyes here.

BRB, I need several moments.

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